Memory – Conflict – Peace

Remembering the Past in the Conflicts of the Present: Civil Society and Contested Histories in the Post-Soviet Space (1991 – 2017) 

SNF Research Project 2018 – 2022 (University of Bern).

Since the late 1980s several violent conflicts of different intensity, dynamics and duration have shattered the fringes of the former Soviet Union. Some of them have become “frozen” conflicts, and some are still in a violent stage. Various dimensions of the conflicts – diplomatic, military, geopolitical and societal – have been studied across several disciplines. The present research project focuses on three conflict cases – Georgia, the North Caucasus and Ukraine. Its goals are to explore the ways in which historical legacies, historical representations and memories have been connected to the present conflicts and peacebuilding efforts, and to investigate the role of civil society in relation to historical legacies, historical representations and memories in the conflicts and peacebuilding efforts.


SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation)


Historical Institute of the University of Bern

Dozentur Geschichte Osteuropas

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